A silky-furred painted uniconr trots up to you, stance sligthly agressive. She boldly skids to a halt and glares at you before nodding her head and hitting the ground with her left forefoot. Her horn is a spiraled seashell green, while her body is a piant mix of chesnut and white, with black stocking which change instead to white on the ends. Her tail is thick, black, and glossy, and her mane is long.

"I am Jotha'verana," she says, then demands, "who are you?"

You introduce yourslef and she calms down. "Well then, Sella li, and I bid you welcome to these lands. My name, Jotha'verana, means True Song in your language, I think. Well, that the best translation I can give you."

"I am the first dauther of the Shelin'mirith clan; my parents are Miranath, the herd stallion, and Kira'Kapi. I also have a sister, but she has been fostered elsewhere."

She paces a bit, back and forth. Obviously she's not in the mood to remain still.

:I have recenly joined a charity, the Ath'mirith, "Shadow Dance" Charity. The lead stallion is Zeri'lachi.....it is still a small Charity, but many of the Charitys are at the moment."

She paws the ground once then catches herself and stops.

"Well, thanks for visiting. I'll be seeing you around. Watch your step, there are snakes in the grass."

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Name: Jotha'verana, "True Song"
Parents: Miranath + Kira'Kapi
Paint Color: Brown, white, black
Age: Adult
Gender: Female
Charity: Ath'mirith Charity