While wandering, you notice a blue and white form lying in the grass. From her ears, graceful neck, and long, smooth horn, you guess that she's a unicorn. However, her coloration is rather...unusual. She sees you staring and stares right back before whinnying laugher and ungracefully leaping up.

"My name's Dievlasha. It means Blue Mist," she says, taking a slow trot toward you.

You get a good look at her. Her body is a white, with a light cyan-blue blanket across her back. Her mane is a darker shade, the white rings on it like a raccoon's tail. Her mane shines. Each of her four dainty hooves are shiny and blue, as if she's painted them with nail polish. Her muzzle is pink.

"Cat got your tounge?" she says suddenly. "What's uoir name."

Feeling slightly guilty for not introducing yourself earlier, you tell her your name. She nods as if knowing all along.

"That's what I thought...well, anyway. The Herds lands have been recently...landscaped, I suppose you might say. If you'd like you can take a look around. Our herd has the most daughters! But I don't yet have a mate," she says sadly, "I did ask one stallion, but///we will have to see."

Unicorns are available at Gavania.


Name: Dievlasha, "Blue Mist"
Parents: Natheyiv + Kilaflis
Paint Color: Blue, and white
Age: Adult
Gender: Female
Mate: Iava'elli